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Learn About / Your Shipping Boxes

               Commonly referred to as cardboard boxes or cartons, the CFB (corrugated fiberboard box) is the most common form of packaging for transit. It is advisable to research the strength of the CFBs to properly protect the product. Also, CFBs degrade over time and with exposure to high heat, humidity or moisture, resulting in less protection strength.

               Sealing the CFBs is another important aspect to ensure the protection of the product. While other forms of closure can be used, the most common form is tape; however, it is advisable to use the correct type of tape – packing tape – to ensure the seal does not fail. Non-packing tape, such as masking tape, duct tape, etc, is not advisable as a substitute for quality packing tape. All flaps, top and bottom, should be sealed, rubbing the entire surface to ensure contact and adhesion. Seldom is one strip of tape adequate.